ODM Solutions
ODM for LED Lights

The ODM manufacturing segment is one of IKIO Lighting Limited’s product verticals, wherein we serve lighting brands. Over the years, we have engaged in the research and development of ODM solutions, which has resulted in us being able to provide production capacity and technical strength to customers. Our manufacturing facilities can handle the production of energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures and complete products without compromising quality. Our LED lighting offering focuses on the premium segment and includes lighting, fittings, fixtures, accessories, and components. We also provide lighting solutions (lights, drivers, and controls) to commercial refrigeration equipment suppliers under our refrigeration lights segment.

Switches and Hardware Components
Switches and Hardware

IKIO Lighting Limited is engaged in rotary switch manufacturing for customers. We have also been providing customized ODM parts for many renowned brands in the country and beyond. Our team fabricates these switches from scratch in our fully-functional in-house manufacturing units, thereby ensuring complete control over the quality of our products. One of our Promoters, Hardeep Singh, commenced our fan regulator switches business in Fiscal 1999. We produce fan regulators and switches for customers in this segment under ODM and assembly business models. At IKIO, we aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction. Meaning that regardless of how big or small the requirement is, we can fabricate products that are unique to your needs and can efficiently meet your expectations.

Lights & Controls for Your Refrigerators, Freezers & Coolers
LED Refrigeration Lights & Controls

One of IKIO Lighting Limited’s major product verticals is the soft drink and beverage market, wherein we provide well-fabricated refrigeration lights and controls for glass doors and open refrigerators. Our units are made to support customized product development and a quick turnaround of new designs. We provide lighting solutions (lights, drivers, and controls) to commercial refrigeration equipment suppliers under our refrigeration light segment.

Components for Vehicles
RV Components

IKIO Lighting Limited caters to the recreational vehicle market by providing various components such as LED lights, solar panels, connectors, accessories, ABS drainage pipes, and more. We utilize our strong supply chain relationships to procure quality raw materials, ensuring that our components deliver the desired results. From the very beginning, we aimed to supply only top-tier RV products. The high demand from our customers has driven us to continually expand our product lines and provide the best product price points in the industry. We have solutions for all kinds of customers — from the most extreme people in the RV world to part-time campers.

LED Drivers

IKIO Lighting Limited designs and manufactures electronic drivers for LED lighting for a variety of applications — including outdoor, indoor, industrial, and landscape lighting. The drivers include CC, CV, and CC-CV with features like CCT & power tunable capability, dimming capability, DALI compatibility, and IP compliance (up to IP67) with a power rating of up to 100 W. We have a fully-integrated manufacturing unit to fabricate associated plastic and sheet metal parts. Our manufacturing unit has an electronic assembly facility with technology such as SMT, auto insertion, ATE testing, and reliability testing. We have teams that manage the design, sourcing, quality assurance, and support activities.

We are an Indian manufacturer of light emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions and considered as a part of the Make in India initiative run by the government of India. We leverage the Indian manufacturing ecosystem for our clients, offering them a distinct competitive advantage to win in the global marketplace.